Tour of Watkins Glenn State Park in 4K

Tour of Watkins Glenn State Park in 4K

Tommy T and Alice recently visited Watkins Glen State Park in the village of Watkins Glen and were amazed by the magnificent views! Just south of Seneca lake in New York, the park features a 40 ft. narrow gorge with 19 waterfalls! The couple traveled up more than 800 stone steps to take in the views of the 778 acre park and loved every second. The entire hike is two miles and the path winds over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade.

Watkins Glen State Park is the #1 visited state park in New York and opened in 1863 as a privately run tourist resort. In 1906, the state of NY gained ownership of the park and people have been coming ever since – and it’s no wonder why! This How to Have Fun Outdoors video features multiple montages of the beautiful waterfalls and gorge. The sun shined through after Tommy and Alice trekked through the rain which made for an even beautiful sight. They were even able to catch a rainbow within one of the waterfalls!

Tommy and Alice took their dogs, Gypsy and Rocky, to the park, where they were not allowed to walk the inner trail given how narrow and slippery it is. They recommend not to take dogs or young children unless you can carry them through the inner trail!

Out of 88 countries they’ve visited, Tommy and Alice agree that this is one of the most beautiful falls they’ve ever been to and were so happy that they decided to go see it. Take a look at the entire video Tour of Watkins Glenn State Park in 4k and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the How to Have Fun Outdoors YouTube channel.

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