Tommy T, Alice, and Johnny Visit the Eternal Flame Falls!

Tommy T, Alice, and Johnny Visit the Eternal Flame Falls!

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Tommy and Alice recently visited the Eternal Flame Falls, located in Orchard Park (a section of Chestnut Ridge Park) in Buffalo, New York! The Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall located in the Shale Creek Reserve, which is a small grotto on the Eternal Flame Trail. The 30ft waterfall’s base emits a natural gas that produces a small “eternal” flame that burns year-round. This is a secret spot just near Niagara Falls, NY and is a great find.

Luckily, Tommy and Alice had their friend, Johnny Welton, take them on this trail. Johnny, who lives local, has a great time taking his friends that to this trail because, although it’s a short hike, it is well worth the trip.

On their trek to the Eternal Flame, the group was visited by Mr. Bird, a beautiful white umbrella cockatoo that landed on Alice’s shoulder. Mr. Bird was hiking with his owners and they allowed him to hang out with the How to Have Fun Outdoors crew! The Eternal Flames Trail is a great place to bring dogs. Tommy came prepared with a strap on harness, which he used to carry Rocky along the trail. Highly recommended if you have a yorkie or another small dog.

A big tip while hiking the Eternal Flame Trail is to stay on the designated path! Although there are signs alerting hikers, be extremely cautious. If you stray too far off the trail there are big drops that can cause serious injury.

After hiking for awhile Alice, Tommy, Johnny, and the dogs made it to the eternal flame. Although there are other places in the world with natural gas leaks, the eternal flame sits behind a waterfall making it extremely unique! There is nothing like it in the world.

At the conclusion of their trip, Tommy and Alice were able to meet other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. They seemed thrilled to meet the couple and be featured on How to Have Fun Outdoors’ YouTube Channel.

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