TAKE YOUR DAD FISHING // Three Monster Pickerel!

TAKE YOUR DAD FISHING // Three Monster Pickerel!

Article Written by Isabella Granara

For this year’s Father’s Day, How to Have Fun Outdoors encourages any of our readers and subscribers to take their parents outside! Whether its playing tennis, hiking, golfing – whatever you grew up doing with your parents, get them outside and motivated to have some fun and create some lifelong memories. This week’s How to Have Fun Outdoors video features Tommy and his father, Don, competing in their family fishing competition!

Tommy reminisces on the fishing adventures his father took him and his sister on as a young boy and explains that these trips are most likely the reason why he loves the outdoors!

Alice, Tommy, and Tommy’s parents fishing in Northern New Hampshire in hopes of catching many different types of fish. Aziscohos Lake has many different types of fish, including rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, etc.

Don came out to play for the friendly fishing competition and it showed because he was able to catch a 25 ½ inch pickerel, just ½ inch shy of the state record! Tommy, the undefeated reigning champion for catching the largest fish, scrambled to beat his father. He came close with a 25-incher, but inevitably lost to his old man for the largest catch. Tommy did in fact win a trophy for his 16 ½ inch rainbow fish while trolling on his boat.

Whatever you love to do outdoors, do it this weekend for Father’s Day. Whether its simply going on a walk outside or challenging your family to a fishing competition, remember these memories will last a lifetime!

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And Happy Father’s Day!