Landlocked Salmon vs. Trout Taste Test

Landlocked Salmon vs. Trout Taste Test

You won’t be disappointed with How to Have Fun Outdoors’ recent YouTube upload, Salmon vs. Trout taste test! In this video the New Hampshire Rainbow Trout takes on the King of all Fish, the Landlocked Salmon. These two fish are arguably two of the best tasting freshwater fish in the entire world and they go toe to toe in this video!

Although the main point of the video is to compare the two fish, Alice, the magician of the kitchen, gives us not only a great cooking lesson, but a lesson on the Italian language! The three words of the day are “salmone”, “trota”, and “arancia”, translating to salmon, trout, and orange!

Along with the orange seasoned fish, Alice prepared a sentimental side dish for Tommy. Canned, diced potatoes are a staple whenever he fishes – he reminisces of eating them with his uncle, dad, and grandfather on campgrounds and fishing trips.

The match up of the fish is as even as even gets! Both are 10” freshwater fish and were caught the same day. They were prepared in a simple way to ensure the flavors would not overpower the taste of the actual fish. So, take your guess! Which fish do you think they enjoyed more?

It’s no surprise that both Tommy T and Alice liked the landlocked salmon more! The landlocked salmon was rated a 10 whereas the rainbow trout scored a 9.75. Although it was an extremely close margin, its no surprise that the King of Fish came out victorious. The landlocked salmon is not available in any grocery stores, and they are extremely hard to catch! See How to Have Fun Outdoors’ video “10 Tips on How to Catch Landlocked Salmon” so you have the opportunity to taste this freshwater fish, too! Also see Best Landlocked Salmon Trout Lures!

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