Brook Trout Fishing vs. Swimming with Yorkies

Brook Trout Fishing vs. Swimming with Yorkies
Article Written by Isabella Granara

On the weekend of May 29th, Tommy T and Alice spent their time on their new 2021 1950 Tahoe Deck Boat at Lake Umbagog. See a tour of their new boat here.

Lake Umbagog is a 7,850-acre lake in Northern New Hampshire. The lake borders Maine and Canada and is home to much wildlife, including moose, bobcats, bears, small mouth bass, and more. Tommy and Alice saw four moose, or rather “Alce” in Italian, while on their trip – but the reason for this trip was to fish for some brookies! 

The first few catches on the first day of their trip featured many spring perch fish which prompted Tommy to call the lake “perch heaven”. It was not until after Alice pulled out her new, fashionable fishing rod that they were able to attract a brook trout. See Tommy on the right after he was able to secure the first brookie of the trip! Soon after, Alice caught and released a massive, small mouth bass.

Day 2 was one of the hottest days of 2021 yet and Alice was determined to go swimming, despite the water temperature being 60 degrees fahreinheit. Alice was not fazed, as she is a former competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and surfer!

She took her fellow yorkies, Rocky and Gypsy, into the water to swim with their Cabela life vests.

Unfortunately Day 2 ended short when unexpected thunderstorms rolled in – but it was an overall great trip showing us once again How to Have Fun Outdoors!

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