2021 Frogg Togg's Ultra Lite Rain Suit Product Review

2021 Frogg Togg's Ultra Lite Rain Suit Product Review

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Recently, Casey and I reviewed the Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite Rain Suit! We set out on a wooden trail to review the product in a real world scenario and were pretty impressed with how the suit held up. Since Casey wore the suit, he was able to review how it felt. Overall, he said the suit was comfy and lightweight. This is due to the breathable, non-woven fabric of the suit, which is also waterproof and wind-resistant. Compared to other dry pore gen 2 fabrics, the rain suit is also packable and portable! This allows you to store your rain suit away and have it ready to use if you are ever caught in a rainstorm!

The suit is designed with elastic bands on the wrists, ankles, and waist bands to ensure they fit tightly to the body. This ensures that rain is kept out of the pants and the shirt, which in turn keeps your clothes underneath dry. After all, what’s a rain suit good for if it does not keep water off your clothes!

I love the fact that the suit comes with a hood – it can keep your head dry wherever you may be, whether its trekking on a trail, outside watching a sports game, or anywhere you may be when it starts raining! Fold it up into the tiny bag (included in purchase) and have it handy for whenever you need it!

Overall, Casey rated this suit a 3.5 and I rated it a 4.0. Not our best rating so far but we definitely would recommend buying Frogg Toggs Ultra Rain Suit if you find yourself outside in any type of rainy weather. See the entire product review video on the How to Have Fun Outdoors YouTube Channel, titled 2021 Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite Rain Suit Product Review.

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