10 TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH LANDLOCKED SALMON // Aziscohos Lake (Rangeley Lake Area)

10 TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH LANDLOCKED SALMON // Aziscohos Lake (Rangeley Lake Area)

Article Written by Isabella Granara

Tommy and Alice reveal their 10 tips on how to catch the “King”, a.k.a. the landlocked salmon. They gathered these tips while fishing on the Aziscoho’s Lake in the Rangeley Lake Area. What they learned from locals and campers is extremely valuable information. See the 10 tips below or check out the How to Have Fun Outdoors YouTube Channel to watch their adventure!

Three days on the Lake are tough during the spring, given the cold temperatures and wind. The lake is 6,700 acres and they fished with their new 1950 Tahoe Boat for the first time. See the walkthrough tour of their new boat in their video Best Deck Boat for Fishing? // 2021 Tahoe 1950 Boat with Fish Package Walkthrough Tour! Tommy and Alice went into the first day with new lures, recommended by two locals.

  1. Great Ghost Lure (Rangeley’s Favorite)

The Great Ghost Lure are the local’s favorite lure and is known to catch landlocked salmon!

  1. Pickled Smelt

Many locals use the “pickled smelt” lures to catch the landlocked salmon. The couple was able to talk with some campers that throw these lures out, set the pole down, and wait until they bite.

  1. Imitation Smelt

Tommy and Alice also fished with a two-color imitation smelt that was also recommended was campers. This is the lure that caught them their landlocked salmon at the conclusion of the video!


After two days of using these lures and no luck catching any fish, Tommy and Alice set out on the third day determined to find the king of all fish. They went to a local fishing shop where they met two expert locals, Jim and Aaron. They revealed the upcoming tips.

  1. Trolling Speed of 1.8-2.2 MPH

The perfect trolling speed to catch landlocked salmon is 1.8-2.2 MPH.

  1. Mooselook Wobbler

The Mooselook Wobbler is a lure that works really nice for casting and trolling. Jim recommends the copper and silver options.

  1. Temperature

Jim told Tommy and Alice that fishing in the spring is difficult and simply “ain’t gonna work”. If you are targeting landlocked salmon, you should go during the summertime when its warm enough (and potentially more enjoyable)

  1. Lead Core Fishing Rod

Aaron highly recommended a Lead Core fishing rod. These types of rods are “guaranteed to get fish”.

  1. Run Lead Line

Aaron also demonstrated how to run the lead line and recommended that Tommy and Alice run the line three colors to the reel. If they go any lower, their line may hit rocks or stumps, causing them to lose lures!

  1. Spring vs. Summertime

Aaron explained during that during the summertime, Tommy and Alice may have to run their line a little deeper. Regardless, fish will come to the surface – it will just be more challenging.

  1. Never Give Up!

Many people doubted Tommy and Alice’s ability to catch fish, especially during the spring in Northern Maine. But eventually they were able to catch the landlocked salmon.

Use these tips to try and catch the landlocked salmon and if you have any tips to add, comment them below!

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